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About Miles Sanders

                                                            About the Photographer

I was fortunate enough to grow up on St. Helena Island in a family of tomato farmers and shrimpers. The vanishing sea island way of life that they instilled in me has shaped my love and appreciation for this community and the natural beauty that accompanies it. In the last three years I’ve lived in Grand Teton National Park, among other places, which is where I first picked up a camera. Since that time I’ve crossed the country several times, camera in tow. My intention with these pictures is to help people appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds them day in and day out. If you live here in Beaufort you already know you live in one of the most beautiful places in this country, if you’re visiting I hope you’ll come around to that way of thinking. I also want people to realize that a trip to one of these places is more accessible and affordable than often perceived; for instance we have Congaree National Park practically in our back yard along with the ACE Basin. A portion of all sales will go towards the Beaufort County Open Land Trust for the intention of helping preserve in this period of rapid growth. Feel free to reach me at 843-812-8185 with questions and requests. Instagram@milescsanders.



                                                                               Thank you,

                                                                            Miles Sanders

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